Odisha – odisha.data.gov.in is a repository of large number of datasets carefully divided into catalog. The Datasets are made available in accordance to the principles of Open Data Movement, which will allow easy access for further use and reuse in a machine-readable format. The data is derived from the huge amount of data which is collected by Government departments for administrative purposes.

Government Ministries/Departments Chief Data Officer and Contributors from their departments, who becomes point person for Data sourcing, following which the data contributed by the CDO is published on the Platform after moderation.

Content management goes through three tier process which includes data moderation, content moderation and engagement with the larger user base or public taking into account their feedbacks and requirements.

This platform provides users with important datasets from various government departments. The moderation process is confined to formatting and ensuring that the datasets are made available in concurrence with the principles of Open Government Data, where no compromise or addition is made to the original values of the datasets which are provided by the data owners. The process of making the datasets into Open format forms the base for standardization in Data Portal.

Besides data publication, the platform also boasts of content matter which supports datasets and gives an overview of the initiatives which are taken to make this platform more accessible and popular through community engagement and various other events. The content matter is contributed by the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the platform and moderated before being published on the platform.

The platform has a well laid out moderation and management process which involves moderation of feedback by the PMU Admin followed by publication of the feedbacks and views. Public can ask for to contribute datasets, which after moderation can be published based on the demand.

Addition/Updation of Content on website as and when needed i.e. Chief Data Officers, promotional Banners, announcements, media coverage, micro sites for events through the Roles:

Sl No Content Element Contributor Moderator Publisher
1 Banner CMS Administrator
2 Basic Page - Policies, About us, Terms of Use, Accessibility Statement" CMS Administrator
3 Contributor Chief data Officer
4 Coordinator CMS Administrator
5 Country Data/Open Data Sites CMS Administrator
6 Chief Data Officers CMS Administrator
7 FAQs CMS Administrator
8 Help CMS Administrator
9 Home Slider CMS Administrator
10 Link to Us Banner CMS Administrator
11 Newsletters CMS Administrator
12 APIs API Creator/PMU
13 Contact Us/Feedback Admin
14 Tell A Friend Admin
15 Sitemap Admin
16 GODL Admin
17 Suggest Dataset Admin

Dataset Management through DMS:

Sl No Content Element Contributor Moderator Publisher
1 Resource/ Dataset Data Contributor/Chief Data Officer Chief Data Officer PMU
2 Catalog Data Contributor/Chief Data Officer Chief Data Officer PMU