Code For Honor - Awards 2014

Code for Honor 2014

Code for Honor is Microsoft’s award for solution excellence by Indian companies that are less than 8 years old with fewer than 200 employees.
In collaboration with NIC, the “Best Solution for Social Good using Open Government Data” award is an
exclusive category within the Code for Honor contest that encourages creation
of apps for Social Good using datasets available on this portal.

What you can win

Winners of “Best Solution for Social Good using Open Government Data” will be showcased on Data Portal India

Additionally, the Award-winning company will also receive:

  • Opportunity to access potential investors to showcase the Solution
  • Initial connection with at least one relevant mentor
  • Initial connection to potential customers
  • Prize money of Rs. 200,000
  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone device
  • Award Trophy

The Winner

Appface Technologies Pvt Ltd

App: Mandi Trades, a location based Farm-to-Shop trading platform for agricultural products. The system aims to empower farmers through alternative markets, wastage reduction, lower transport costs.


About Code For Honor - Awards 2014

  • Explore datasets in open format pertaining to different sectors, uploaded by various Ministries/Departments/Organizations of the Government of India.
  • Refer to some illustrative app ideas related to Social Good.
  • Discuss and understand data related to India statistics, Agriculture and Health by connecting with communities.
  • An Appeal to developers' community, from NDSAP-PMU, for participating in the Code For Honor Awards 2014.

National Finals Of Code For Honor - Awards 2014

    The Code for Honor 2014 finals will be held in Bangalore on 18th & 19th June 2014. The finalists in the “Best Solution for Social Good using Open Government Data” category are:

  • Appface Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore with “Mandi trades” – a solution that aims to achieve direct selling of products between farmers and consumers.
  • Point 2 Point Solutions, Mumbai with “Let's Carpool” - a solution for eco-friendly users, which suggests carpool options based on a user’s travel trends and offers incentive options to promote carpooling.
  • Greeno Tech Solutions, Chennai with “Rainbow” - an information exchange platform to assist farmers to make informed decisions through the entire life cycle of a crop through info sharing among farmers.