Get data of Performance of Key HMIS Indicators for the upto district level. Main HMIS indicators for Child Health are reported live births, Reported Live Births to Total Deliveries, reported Still Births, Newborns weighed at birth, Infants given OPV 0 (Birth Dose), Infants given BCG, Infants given DPT, Infants given Pentavalent, Infants given Measles, fully immunized children, given Vitamin - A, Diptheria in Children, Polio in Children, Measles in Children, Diarrhoea and dehydration in Children, Infant Deaths reported, Deaths due to Sepsis, Deaths due to Asphyxia , Deaths due to Fever.
Get data on Annual Health Survey : Woman Schedule. Woman Schedule comprised two sections. Section-I contains information relating to the outcome of pregnancy(s) (live birth/still birth/abortion); birth history; type of medical attention at delivery; details of maternal health care(ante-natal/natal/post-natal); immunization of children; breast feeding practices including supplements; occurrence of child diseases (Pneumonia, Diarrhoea and fever); registration of births, etc.
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