Get questions' Answers Data of Session 240 of Rajya Sabha provided by various ministries/departments.
It provides the district wise data of the main workers by educational level and cross classified with age-groups by sex and residence.
The data refers to Educational Level by Age and Sex for Population Age 7 and Above. It provides information about the educational level by age and sex for population age 7 and above for total, rural and urban residence at India/State/District and City level. For presentation of data, population has been divided in various age groups. Data has been presented by single year age for population in the age 7-19 years. The data in respect of rest of the population has been presented by dividing the population in 13 age-groups and age not stated.
The data refers to Education Level Graduate and Above by Sex for Population Age 15 and Above. It presents data on educational level graduate and above for population in the age 15 and above for total population, by sex and residence at India/ State/UT/ District /City level. For presentation of data population has been divided into eight following age groups: Total, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-59, 60+ and age not stated.
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