The data refers to Number of Newly Registered Motor Vehicles and Number of Registered Motor Vehicles in Odisha. Registered Motor Vehicles have been categorized in two broad categories, Transport and Non Transport. Multi-axled/ Articulated Vehicles/ Trucks and Lorries, Light Motor Vehicle (Goods),Buses,Taxis,Light Motor Vehicle (Passengers Auto) are falling under Transport Category and Two Wheelers,Cars,Jeeps,Omni Buses,Tractors,Trailers & Others are falling under Non Transport Category.
Get data of Road Transport Year Book : 2013-14 and 2014-15. It contains wide range of information pertaining to important matters like the number of registered motor vehicles over time and across state/UTs and major cities, composition of registered motor vehicles, taxes on road transport and motor vehicles, production and sale of motor vehicles, drivers and conductors licenses issued.
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