State Publication Metrics

Last Updated: 21 Oct, 2019 05:30 AM
State/DepartmentResource (Dataset)Resource (Application)Total ResourcesTotal CatalogsTotal APIs
Tamil Nadu477104771567511
Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department382703827433368
Department of Economics and Statistics382703827433368
Agriculture Department6870687423
Horticulture & Plantation Crops6870687423
Energy Department51051640
Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) Ltd;47047239
Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate40441
Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department340342724
Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (CMA)310312624
Chennai Metropolitan Water Suppy and Sewerage Board ( CMWSSB)3031
Health and Family Welfare Department320321011
Drug Control Administration1201272
Medical and Rural Health Services Directorate100101
Directorate of Medical Education90919
Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC)1011
Handlooms, Handicrafts and Textiles Department21021115
Handlooms and Textiles Directorate21021115
Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Department18018616
Industries and Commerce Commissionerate90918
Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd (TANSIDCO)90958
Information Technology Department1701794
Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNEGA)1001044
Tamil Virtual Academy6064
Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu Ltd (ELCOT)1011
Backward Classes Most Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Department150153
Backward Classes Welfare Directorate150153
Tourism, Culture and Religious Endowments Department80818
Art and Culture Directorate80818
Animal Husbandary, Darirying and Fisheries Department70717
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Directorate70717
Public Works Department60633
Institute of Water Studies, PWD50523
Water Resources Department (PWD) (Operations & Maintenance)1011
School Education Department50515
Sarva Sihiksha Abhiyan50515
Highways and Minor Ports Department5051
Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department5051
Directorate of Social Welfare5051
Home, Prohibition and Excise Department50551
Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services50551
Youth Welfare and Sports Development Department5053
Sports Development Authority (SDAT)5053
Transport Department40434
State Express Transport Corporation Ltd. (SETC)20222
TNSTC Ltd., Salem20212
Housing and Urban Development Department4041
Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board4041
Industries Department4044
Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC)2022
Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd (TAMIN)2022
Environment and Forests Department40421
Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board3031
Tamil Nadu Forests Department10111
Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department3031
Higher Education Department2021
Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE)2021
Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department10111
Adi Dravidar Welfare Directorate10111
Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection Department1011
Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Commissionerate1011
Madhya Pradesh890898950
Planning, Economics and Statistics Department, Madhya Pradesh560565626
Co-operation Department, Madhya Pradesh10010104
Information Technology Department, Madhya Pradesh80886
Commerce, Industry and Employment Department, Madhya Pradesh50555
Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department, Madhya Pradesh50555
Transport Department, Madhya Pradesh40443
Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development Department, Madhya Pradesh10111
Department of Economics, Statistics, Monitoring & Evaluation350354
Human Resource Development Department, Sikkim3203211
Health Care, Human Services and Family Welfare Department, Sikkim110119
Rural Management and Development Department, Sikkim5056
Economic and Statistical Analysis Department, Haryana51051949
Agriculture Department, Meghalaya40441
District Council Affairs Department, Meghalaya2022
Education Department, Meghalaya1011
Election Department, Meghalaya1011
Excise, Registration, Taxation and Stamps (ERTS) Department, Meghalaya10111
Finance Department, Meghalaya1011
Health and Family Welfare Department, Meghalaya1011
Home (Police) Department, Meghalaya1011
Information Technology Department, Meghalaya1011
Social Welfare Department, Meghalaya1011
Co-operation Department, Meghalaya1011
Surat Municipal Corporation13013112
Agriculture Department, Kerala1011
Information Technology Department, Kerala1011
Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM)1011
Transport Department, Kerala1011
Information Technology Department, Odisha8089
Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department, Chhattisgarh3033
Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Chhattisgarh2022
Delhi (NCT)40414
Health and Family Welfare Department, Delhi40414
Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital40414
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Department = Department + ∑ (Organization)