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Sashibhushan Purohit Suggested..
Details Forest area of Balangir district (To share this with others in different forum)
Environment and Forest
13-07-2019 04:23:31
Abdul Bari Suggested..
Number of household or family in odisha (It is to compare, government of odisha helth insurance beneficiaries.)
Census and Surveys
05-06-2019 08:46:59
Dr. Anil Kumar Principal Scientist ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture Bhubaneswar -751 003 India Suggested..
Congratulations for this new initiative of making available data for researchers for coming out with meaning policy directions. There exist a large pool of talented people outside the government set up who want to make a meaningful contribution but the lack of access to the vast repository of data available with government departments is a serious bottleneck. Hope it gets populated soon and you find lots of visitors to the site. Best wishes, Anil Kumar
18-10-2017 05:40:39